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Supported migration paths

Preserve group layouts

You can preserve your Sophos Enterprise Console groups in Sophos Central when you migrate.

Preserve Group Layouts is off by default. Click File > Options to find it.

Preserve group layouts

If Preserve Group Layouts is on, we create your existing groups in Sophos Central as part of the migration process. We put any device assigned to a group in Sophos Enterprise Console in a similar group in Sophos Central.


If you use a directory service to import computers and groups to Sophos Central, we recommend that you turn off Preserve Group Layouts.

If you've configured a custom installation parameter to assign a group on installation this overrides Preserve Group Layouts. We recommend using either a custom installation parameter or Preserve Group Layouts. See How to provide custom installation parameters.

How we migrate devices and groups

If Preserve Group Layouts is on, we migrate devices and groups using the following rules:

  • If the group doesn't exist in Sophos Central, we create it and put the device in the new group. We automatically assign Base polices to the new group.
  • If the group exists in Sophos Central, we put the device in that group. We apply any policies assigned to the group to the device.
  • Nested groups are supported, and we create the nested group structure in Sophos Central. We put the devices in the appropriate group in the nested structure.
  • Sophos Central puts computers and servers in different groups. If a Sophos Enterprise Console group includes both computers and servers, we create a new computer group and a new server group in Sophos Central. We put the servers in the new server group and the computers in the new computer group.