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Supported migration paths

Migrate computers

Follow these instructions to migrate your computers.


Your computers are unprotected during migration.

To migrate your computers to Sophos Central, do as follows:

  1. Open Sophos Central Migration Tool, connect to Sophos Central, and select Full assessment and migration.

    If you don’t have your migration passphrase for access to Sophos Central yet, you’ll be prompted to set it.

  2. Remediate computers that can't be migrated in their present state. For example, turn off features that aren't supported in Sophos Central.

  3. Select computers that are ready.

    To view only computers that are ready, click Ready at the top of the screen.

  4. Filter the computers before migration. You can:

    • Click the funnel icon in a column header (for example, Group) and enter the term you want to filter for.
    • Show different columns that you can use for filtering. Right-click in the table header and select from the menu. When you filter computers, the Ready number doesn't change, but the number in the lower right of the UI shows how many you have filtered.

    To clear filters, use View > Filters > Clear All.

  5. Highlight computers and click Select to select them for migration.

  6. Click Migrate, and then click Yes in the confirmation message. The computers go into the Pending status until their next scheduled update.


    If computers are in the Pending status for too long, you'll see a timeout warning.

When the migration starts, the computers change their status to Migrating.


Migration may take up to two hours, depending on the computers’ updating interval and network connection. It may take longer for computers that update from a remote Sophos Update Manager.


Some computers may show a Windows Action Center alert saying that the computers are unprotected. The alert disappears after migration.


During migration, you may see a computer in Sophos Central while you can still see and manage it in Sophos Enterprise Console.

When migration is complete, computers move to the In Central view.

If migration isn't successful, the affected computers move to the Error view, where you can find details.

You can now view migrated computers in Sophos Central. Do as follows:

  • In Sophos Central, check whether the computers need to restart. The migration tool doesn’t show this.
  • Run a full system scan of the computers to ensure that they weren't compromised during migration.
  • Check that the computers have the right Sophos Central policies applied.

After migrating all the managed computers, you can migrate the Sophos Enterprise Console management server.


After migration, we recommend that you delete the Sophos Central API Token that you set up.

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