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How does Sophos Central differ from Sophos Enterprise Console?

Find out how Sophos Central differs from Sophos Enterprise Console.

Sophos Central differs from Sophos Enterprise Console (on-premise management) in three ways.

Management in the cloud

Sophos Central is hosted in the cloud by Sophos. You don’t need a management server, and you don’t have to install and update the management console.

User-based policies

Sophos Enterprise Console applies policies only to computer groups. Sophos Central gives you a choice. You can set policies for:

  • Users or user groups. These policies apply to all computers or other devices associated with each user.
  • Computers or computer groups.

Dedicated protection for servers

Sophos Enterprise Console manages computers and servers in the same way. Sophos Central manages servers separately. Server policies apply to specific servers, no matter who logs on. Server protection also automatically recognizes some common server apps, so you don’t need to set complicated scanning exclusions.

Help with migrating to Sophos Central

For more information about Sophos Central, see Sophos Central Admin: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

For help with Sophos Central and policies, see Sophos Central help .