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Supported migration paths

Exclude computers from migration

Follow these instructions to exclude computers from migration.

If you don’t want to migrate a computer to Sophos Central, you can add it to the migration exclusion list. That way, it won’t be accidentally selected for migration and migrated.


Computers that are already managed by Sophos Central can't be excluded from migration. Any such computers that have been selected aren't added to the exclusion list.

To exclude computers from migration:

  1. In the migration tool, select the computer or computers in the computer list, right-click and click Add to Exclusion List.
  2. In the Exclude computers from migration dialog box, enter the reason for the exclusion. This can serve as a reminder later. Click OK.

Excluded computers’ status will change to "Not Ready" with a padlock icon.

If you later change your mind and decide to migrate the computers, you can remove them from the exclusion list. They then appear as "Ready" or "Not Ready", depending on their Sophos Central readiness assessment.