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Supported migration paths

User migration

The migration assistant copies your user accounts to Sophos Central.

If you’re using internal user management, the migration assistant copies user groups as well.

If you’re using external user management with Active Directory (AD), the migration assistant doesn’t copy user groups. Nevertheless, it copies your Self Service Portal configurations, which contain user group information. Before starting migration, check that the user groups you use in your Sophos Mobile Self Service Portal configuration are available in Sophos Central.

We recommend that you set up synchronization with your Active Directory server in Sophos Central before starting migration. See Set up synchronization with Active Directory.

After migration, you must invite users to Sophos Central Self Service Portal. See Set up Sophos Central Self Service Portal access.

Also note the following:

  • Administrators aren’t copied. If required, create them in Sophos Central.
  • A user isn’t copied if there’s already a user with the same email address in Sophos Central.
  • For AD user management, you may import users to Sophos Central and invite them to Sophos Central Self Service Portal before starting migration.