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Supported migration paths

Additional migration tasks

Depending on your configuration, you must perform a few manual tasks in Sophos Central to complete migration.

You can carry out these steps as soon as device migration has started, that is, when there’s an entry <X> of <Y> Android devices transferred (or equivalent for other platforms) under Data transfer progress in the migration assistant.

In Sophos Central Admin, do as follows:

  1. Configure access to Sophos Central Self Service Portal. See Set up Sophos Central Self Service Portal access.
  2. Remove the text “Copy” that the migration assistant might have added to the names of the following items:

    • Apps
    • App groups
    • Policies
    • Task bundles

    Item names might have the text “Copy” added after migration

  3. If required, set up the following features:

    • Intune app protection
    • Android Enterprise QR code enrollment
    • Android zero-touch enrollment
    • Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment
    • Sophos Chrome Security auto-enrollment
    • Third-party Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) integration for Sophos Intercept X for Mobile
    • iOS auto-enrollment with Apple Configurator
    • TeamViewer integration
  4. If you’re using the EAS proxy, configure it for Sophos Central. See Migrate the EAS proxy.

  5. If your Sophos Central user accounts are coming from Active Directory (AD), configure an LDAP connection between Sophos Mobile and AD.

    This allows users to use their AD credentials for Apple Business Manager, Google zero-touch enrollment, and Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment.

    See Configure LDAP connection (Sophos Mobile administrator help).