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Supported migration paths

Firewall migration

Migrating between firewall platforms involves a myriad of considerations. The process can be undeniably complex and daunting. However, Sophos is here to help with options which will help you achieve a successful outcome when migrating to your Sophos Firewall.

It is highly recommended that you obtain training on Sophos Firewall prior to migration, so you are well prepared to administer this very critical component of your network infrastructure.

  • Fresh installation

    Sophos’ primary recommendation is a fresh installation which is then manually configured. This is because you should use the opportunity to ensure this new installation is clean of any outdated rules, lists, etc.

    • A Sophos accredited partner should plan, execute and test this new installation for you.
    • Alternatively, Sophos Professional Services is here to assist. Sophos Professional Services engineers have the skills to help you make the transition quickly, efficiently, and without impacting business operations
  • Migration desk

    Sophos also has a Migration Desk available to all Partners (and subsequently customers) free of charge who will help plan, execute, and verify migrations of your Sophos UTM to Sophos Firewall as well as XG to XGS hardware migrations.

    • The Sophos Migration Desk can be engaged by sending an email to
    • If the Sophos Migration Desk deems the migration too complex, they will recommend Sophos Professional Services.
    • Expect a response within 2 business days with next steps and documentation needed to proceed.

    When submitting a request, please include the following information:

    • Customer contact information
    • Sophos Firewall model and firmware versions
    • Number of appliances to be migrated and deadline
    • How much time is available for the cutover
    • IP schema document


Note that if migrating on your own without leveraging one of the above options and subsequently approaching Sophos Support for assistance you will be rerouted to one of the above-supported paths. Firewall migrations between platforms can be inherently complex in nature and, therefore, typically fall outside of traditional break/fix support.