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Amazon SNS integration

You can send Sophos Cloud Optix alerts to an Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) topic you've created in your AWS account.

As part of the integration, you need to add the SNS:Publish permission to the Sophos Cloud Optix read-only IAM role in the AWS account.


You must locate the Sophos Cloud Optix read-only IAM role in AWS. Depending on when your AWS environments were added to Sophos Cloud Optix, this may be called Sophos-Optix-role or Avid-Role.

The instructions here tell you how to add that permission by using an AWS managed policy. For other ways to do it, see Set the AmazonSNS permission in AWS.

  1. In your AWS console, do as follows:
  2. Go to your AWS account.
  3. Go to Roles and select the Sophos Cloud Optix read-only IAM role.
  4. Select Attach Policy, search for AmazonSNSFullAccess, and attach it.
  5. In Sophos Cloud Optix, do as follows:
  6. Click Integrations.
  7. Click Amazon SNS.
  8. Click Enable.
  9. In AWS account with SNS Topic, select an account that you've added to Sophos Cloud Optix.
  10. Enter the SNS topic ARN (Amazon Resource Name).
  11. In Alert Levels, select the alert types you want to send.
  12. Click Save.

Sophos Cloud Optix sends a test message to your SNS topic.