Connect to Your Sophos UTM (Single AMI)

After you have successfully deployed the UTM, you can access the WebGui via a web browser, EIP, and port number of 4444, e.g., https://elastic_ip_address:4444/.

  1. Connect to Sophos UTM.

    The first time you connect you will see a browser warning due to a self-signed certificate.

  2. Click on the option to continue to the site.

    This leads you to the Sophos UTM login page.

  3. Sophos UTM Login

  4. Enter the basic system information:

    • Hostname
    • Company
    • City
    • Country, etc.

    Note – Both username and passwords are case-sensitive and the UTM on AWS by default will block access attempts after three failed attempts. If you suspect that you may have triggered this protection feature you must wait for the ten minutes timeout period to expire before you can attempt access again.

    Note – Use only alpha-numeric characters in the password field when entering this parameter during stack creation. If you require a more complex password, change it after logging in to Sophos UTM via the web console.