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Use the super admin credentials to register with Sophos Central

You need to turn on Sophos Central management on Sophos Firewall and accept the request on Sophos Central.

You'll need a Sophos Central account (either a license or trial).

Turn on Sophos Central management on Sophos Firewall

  1. Sign in to Sophos Firewall and go to Central Synchronization.

    Central Synchronization menu option.

  2. Click Register and add the email address and password for your Sophos Central administrator account. Click Register.

    For instructions on how to create a Sophos Central administrator account, see the video available on Sophos Central: Getting Started.

    How to register your Sophos Firewallwith Sophos Central.

  3. Turn on Sophos Central Services.

    Turn on Sophos Central services.

In Sophos Central approve management of Sophos Firewall

  1. Sign in to the Sophos Central Admin account with which you've registered Sophos Firewall.
  2. Go to Firewall Management.

    Firewall management menu option.

  3. On the Firewalls page, find your recently registered firewall and click Accept services.

    Accept services for your firewall.

  4. On Sophos Firewall, you can check its management status. Click Central Synchronization and check if the status has changed from Waiting for approval from Sophos Central to Managed.

    This can take up to two minutes to change from Waiting for approval from Sophos Central to Managed.

    Once the status changes to Managed, your Sophos Firewall is ready to be managed by Sophos Central.

  5. You can sign out of your Sophos Firewall, and in the future, you can manage your Sophos Firewall by clicking the firewall's name in Sophos Central on the Firewalls page.

    Your firewall on the Firewalls page in Sophos Central.

    It may take a few seconds for your firewall's web admin console to open.

    Your firewall's web admin console loading.