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Activating licenses for air gap

Air gap installations are physically isolated deployments and aren't connected to the internet. You can update their licenses manually.

Air gap isn't available for all deployments. See the following:

  • Sophos only approves air gap requests if you have a network that isn't connected to the internet and doesn't have any Sophos Firewall MSP Flex licensed firewalls.
  • Air gap is available only for hardware devices.


Your Sophos account manager must approve air gap deployment for your Sophos Firewall hardware. You can request air gap access with your account manager at the time of purchase.

To update the license for air gap deployments, do as follows:

  1. Download the license file from your Sophos Central account. To do this, do as follows:

    1. In Sophos Central, click Profile Menu Profile Menu icon. in the task bar, then go to Licensing > Firewall licenses.
    2. Click Download airgap license.
  2. Sign in to the firewall's web admin console and go to Administration > Licensing.

  3. Under Manual license synchronization, select the license file.
  4. Click Update license.

For more information about air gap licenses, see How air gap and manual pattern update works.