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Add account manually

Use this procedure if you have enabled multi-factor authentication for an account and your account provider has given you a list of configuration details.

  1. Tap + and then Add manually.
  2. In the Name field, type a name for the new Authenticator account.
  3. In the Key field, type the secret key that your account provider has specified. The key is specific to your account and constitutes the calculation basis for the one-time passwords.
  4. In the Type field, select the calculation type that your account provider has specified.
  5. If your account provider has specified additional settings, tap Advanced to display additional input fields.

    Only fill in information that your account provider has specified.

    • In the Issuer field, enter a string that indicates the provider the account is associated with.
    • In the Time period field, enter the validity period in seconds. Only available for time-based one-time passwords.
    • In the Counter field, enter the initial counter value. Only available for counter-based one-time passwords.
    • In the Code length field, select the number of digits of the one-time passwords.
    • In the Hash algorithm field, select the hash algorithm for the calculation of the one-time passwords.
  6. Optional: In the Background color field, select a color for the account entry, to easily identify it in the account list.

  7. When you are ready, tap OK OK.

This sets up a new Authenticator account.