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Using Sophos Secure Message

Find out what you can do in Sophos Secure Message.

Sophos Secure Message is a web-based email client. In the Mailbox view you see a list of your encrypted emails. You can do as follows:

  • Read emails.
  • Search emails for text, within a date range.
  • Filter and sort the list of emails.
  • Delete emails. Deleted emails can't be recovered.

You can't create new encrypted emails.

Received encrypted emails expire after thirty days.

Working with encrypted emails

Click on an email to read it. You can reply to it and you can send up to five attachments with a reply.

You can also move an email to a folder, print, save or delete it. Note that saved emails are not encrypted, and you need to save attachments separately.


There are two groups of Options. You can do as follows

  • Security Options. Update your password, challenge questions and alternate email address.
  • Account Settings. Change your personal information. You can also control the way emails are displayed, and add a signature for your replies.

To exit Options, click Mailbox.