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View your PDF password history

PDF passwords are encrypted in each PDF file. This means PDF files keep the passwords set at the time they were encrypted. They do not change if you change the password you are using with Sophos Secure Message PDF encryption. For this reason you can see the passwords that were in use for a date range.

To view your Sophos Secure Message PDF password history, do as follows.

  1. Open your encrypted email notification.
  2. Click the password recovery link.

    The Update Credentials or View Password History page appears.

  3. Select Log in with Password.

  4. Enter your email address and current password.
  5. Click the Login button.

    Password Management appears.

  6. Select Recover Existing Password. Your password history appears, but your passwords are hidden.

  7. Click and hold the Show Password button to view the password for the desired date range.
  8. Log out when you are finished.