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Retrieve recovery key

Follow these instructions to retrieve your recovery key.

To unlock a computer, do as follows:

  1. Click Device Encryption.

    You see a list of all computers where you were the last user logged on. If someone else has logged on to your computer in the meantime, you can't regain access to this computer using Sophos Central Self Service Portal.

  2. Select a computer from the list and click Retrieve in the Recovery Key column.

    The recovery key is displayed.

  3. Start your own computer and go to the recovery page, as follows:

    • Windows: Press the Esc key to switch to the BitLocker recovery page.
    • Mac: Click the question mark icon in the Password field to switch to the FileVault recovery page.
  4. Enter the recovery key.

You can access your computer again.

A recovery key can only be used once. If you need to recover your computer again later, you need to retrieve a new recovery key.


On endpoints running macOS 10.13 and Apple File System (APFS), no new recovery key is created. The existing recovery key remains valid.