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SMS Filtering configuration (Mobile Threat Defense policy for iOS)

With the SMS Filtering configuration you define domain names for the SMS Filtering feature of Sophos Intercept X for Mobile.

SMS Filtering protects users from SMS and MMS attacks. It moves SMS messages containing a fake domain to SMS Junk, excluding messages from senders available in Contacts.

A fake domain looks like your real domain but is slightly modified:

  • Single characters are substituted, inserted, or transposed.
  • The domain name is amended by prefix or suffix.
  • The Top Level Domain (TLD) is different.

For example if the real domain is, the following are fake domains:

  • (substitution)
  • (insertion)
  • (transposition)
  • (prefix)
  • (different TLD)

Subdomains like are not filtered.

If an SMS message is filtered, all further messages from the same sender are filtered as well.