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Knox Service Plugin

The Knox Service Plugin (KSP) is an app for Android Enterprise devices that lets you assign Knox policies to Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) enabled devices.


The Knox Service Plugin supports Android Enterprise fully managed devices with Android 8.0 (Knox 3.x) and later, and Android Enterprise work profile devices with Android 9.0 (Knox 3.2.1) and later.

For details on the Knox Service Plugin and the Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise, see the Samsung documents Knox Service Plugin and Knox Platform for Enterprise.

To use the Knox Service Plugin with Sophos Mobile, complete the following steps:

  1. Approve the Knox Service Plugin in managed Google Play for your Android Enterprise account.

    See Add managed Google Play app.

  2. Configure the policies in the Knox Service Plugin.

    See Configure policies in the Knox Service Plugin.

  3. Install the Knox Service Plugin on selected devices or device groups, or let your users install it from managed Google Play.

    See Install managed Google Play app.