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Configure policies in the Knox Service Plugin

The Knox Service Plugin app includes Knox policy settings you can configure.


You’ve approved the Knox Service Plugin in managed Google Play. See Add managed Google Play app.

To configure Knox policies in the Knox Service Plugin:

  1. On the menu sidebar, select Apps > Android.
  2. On the Apps - Android Enterprise page, select the Knox Service Plugin app.
  3. In Page and App category, configure the location of the Knox Service Plugin in the users’ Google Play Store app.
  4. Select Use managed configuration.
  5. Under Managed configuration, configure the required settings.

    The available settings are defined in the Knox Service Plugin and may change when new app versions are released by Samsung.

    In KPE Premium License key, you must enter your Knox license key. Otherwise, the policies are not applied when the app is installed.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Select Send app settings to Google to make the changes available to your users.

When you install the Knox Service Plugin on a device, the Knox policies are applied.

To remove the Knox policies, uninstall the app.