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Create policy

You create policies to configure settings for devices. Create several policies if you want to manage different types of devices.

Policies consist of configurations. By adding configurations to a policy, you define the areas Sophos Mobile manages on a device.

To create a policy:

  1. On the menu sidebar, select Policies and then select a device platform.
  2. Select Create and then select a policy type.
  3. Enter a name and a description.
  4. For iOS, iPadOS, and macOS policies, enter your organization name.
  5. Optional: Check the configurations Sophos Mobile has added automatically to the policy and adjust them if required.

    Sophos Mobile adds these configurations automatically:

    • For Sophos container policies, a General configuration.
    • For Android Enterprise policies, a Restrictions configuration.
    • For Mobile Threat Defense policies, a Network configuration.
  6. Select Add configuration to add more configurations to the policy.

  7. In the settings page of the configuration, enter the required settings.
  8. Optional: Select a renewal interval in SCEP renewal interval.

    This option is available if you’ve added a SCEP or Duo device certificate configuration to the policy.

    The device automatically requests a certificate renewal after the interval you’ve selected, calculated from when the policy was assigned to the device. The same interval is used for all SCEP and Duo device certificate configurations of the policy.

  9. After you’ve added all required configurations, select Save.

The policy is created. You can assign it to devices. See Assign a policy.