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Assign a policy

You assign a policy to devices to apply the settings it includes.

To assign a policy to a device or device group:

  1. On the menu sidebar, select Policies and then select a device platform.
  2. Select the blue triangle next to a policy and select Assign.
  3. On the Select devices page, do one of following:

    • Select individual devices.
    • Select Select device groups and then select the required device groups.
  4. On the Schedule task page, set the date when the task will run:

    • To run the task immediately, click Now.
    • To run the task later, click Date and then enter a day and time.

    The Schedule task page is only shown for the following policies:

    • Android device policies
    • Knox container policies
    • iOS device policies
  5. Click Finish.

The policy is applied to the selected devices.

If you didn’t enter a date for the task to be carried out, the policy takes effect immediately.

You can also apply a policy by using one of the following options:

  • To assign a policy to a single device: On the device’s Show device page, select the Policies tab and click Assign policy.
  • To assign a policy to several devices: On the Devices page, select the required devices and then select Actions > Assign policy.
  • To assign a policy as part of a task bundle: Add an Assign policy task to the task bundle and transfer it to the required devices or device groups.