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Kiosk mode configuration (Android Enterprise device policy)

With the Kiosk mode configuration, you turn on Android Enterprise dedicated device management.


Setting Description
Select source
  • None: Allow all apps.
  • Custom: Lock a single app to the screen. You specify the app by its identifier.
  • App list: Lock a single app to the screen. You select the app from a list.
  • App group: Allow multiple apps to appear on the screen.
App ID The app that the user can open.
App group An app group with the apps that the user can open.
Allow volume change Enable the volume buttons.
Turn off screen lock Never lock the device screen.
Stay on while charging Don’t lock the device screen while the device is connected to a power supply.
Show notifications Show notification icons on the status bar, heads-up notifications, and the notification area.

This setting doesn’t enable the Quick Settings area, which generally is shown above the notification area.

This setting doesn't apply to devices running Android 8. These devices never show notifications when in kiosk mode.

Kiosk mode and logs

For devices in kiosk mode, the following restrictions apply for getting Sophos Mobile log files:

  • Users can't send logs from Sophos Mobile Control, but you can get them remotely in Sophos Mobile.
  • When you turn off the Show notifications policy setting, you can't include an Android bug report containing diagnostic data when retrieving Sophos Mobile logs. Sending the bug report would require users to confirm a notification, which isn't available.

For details on how to get Sophos Mobile log files for a device, see Get app logs.