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Add app

You make an app available for installation either by uploading the app package or by linking to the app in the relevant app store.

For apps on Android Enterprise devices, see Add managed Google Play app.


iOS and iPadOS apps that you add by uploading their .ipa package file aren’t available on devices where Sophos Mobile only manages the Sophos container.

To add an app to Sophos Mobile:

  1. On the menu sidebar, click Apps and then click the platform for which you want to add the app.
  2. To add an app for Android devices on which Sophos Mobile is a device administrator, click Android (Legacy) on the Apps - Android Enterprise page.
  3. Click Add app and then select one of the following:

    • Android link: Add an Android app by linking to it in Google Play.
    • iOS link: Add an iOS app by linking to it in the App Store.
    • iOS package: Add an iOS enterprise app by uploading its .ipa package file to Sophos Mobile.
    • macOS package: Add a macOS enterprise app by uploading its .pkg package file to Sophos Mobile.
    • Windows MSI link: Add a Windows app by linking to its .msi installation file.
    • Microsoft Store link: Add a Windows app by linking to it in Microsoft Store.
  4. For Apple Business Manager apps, click Import VPP apps to load the list of apps you’ve purchased. See Apple Business Manager apps.

  5. Configure the app settings as required.

    For details on the available settings, see the following pages:

  6. Click Save to save the app settings and to return to the Apps page.

The app is available for installation. It is displayed on the Apps page.

If you have configured the Available to device groups field, the app is also displayed in the Enterprise App Store of the Sophos Mobile Control app from where users can install it. The installation process runs unattended or with very little user interaction.