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Table views

In Sophos Mobile Admin, many pages display information in a tabular form. These tables have common controls that you can interact with.

Above the table:

  • Use the Show or hide columns icon to configure which table columns are visible.
  • Enter text in the Search all fields field to only display data rows that contain that text in any column.

In the table:

  • Click a column header to sort the table rows by that property. Click again to revert the sort order.
  • Click an entry name to perform the default action on that entry (usually Edit).
  • Click the blue triangle next to an entry name to perform more actions on that entry.

Below the table:

  • Use the navigation buttons to display a specific table page.
  • Use the Export icon to export either the whole table or the current page to a Microsoft Excel file or a CSV file. If you have configured a row filter, only the currently visible rows are exported.